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Getting started with Ruby on Rails

So I want to get playing around with RoR as quickly as possible. I chose the web host Textdrive some time ago just for their ruby support. Alas when I finally got the time to give this a go (more than a year later!) it’s not as simple as just plug in and play… oh no; you have to raise a support ticket to get them to configure lighttpd[1] on a certain port. So for now I’m going down the localhost route: get it up and running on my dev laptop ASAP so I can get a feel for the language and framework without involving a remote server. According to the mothership, that’s Instant Rails.

Naturally, it’s not as simple as that: the Instant Rails download archive will break if you try to unzip it with Windows’ built-in decompression. Aaaargh! So first a trip to their recommended decompressor, 7-zip, then go and grab the Instant Rails archive itself. However, that’s ‘instant’, as in ’70MB download’…

“Instant” Rails my arse… ho hum!

[1] it’s a webserver that’s not apache. see